How can I find my nearest retailer?

We are stocked exclusively at Jessica Haley Bridal of Rye, New York. If you cannot visit the store, please email us on

What is your standard size range?

Our standard size range runs between a size US2/UK6 to US18/UK22.

How do I decide what size to order?

Your in store stylist will be able to advise on this, we work with all our retailers to make the best decision for each bride. We only make to order and customise each gown to size.  For short orders we may be able to accommodate standard sizes and for international brides who wish to alter their gowns with a local seamstress. Please contact your retailer or email for further information.

How far in advance should I order my gown?

A 6-9 month window is ideal, as it can take up to 3 months for the fabric we order to arrive for your dress, another month to be made and shipped.

What price range are Sarah Janks gowns?

Our dresses are all made from the best available quality silks and laces, and their luxury price points reflect that, the lower end ranging between USD $3500 and $8000 and the higher priced heavily beaded styles up to USD $6500.

What is the ordering process directly from head office or at your flagship?

Once you’ve found your dress we require a 50% deposit to secure the order, and then commence ordering the fabric, laces and embroideries for your dress.  Once we make your dress, either we will contact you directly and arrange shipping or an appointment at our studio and request the balance of the dress at this stage be paid.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes, if you don’t happen to live near one of our retailers and you are ordering directly from our head office, we ship to brides all over the world. Please be advised it is the customer's responsibility to ensure all additional duties and tax upon importing the gown are paid, for more information contact your local customs office.

What should I bring to the consultation?

You should have a good bra and seamless undies for the consultation, if you have shoes of similar height to what you would wear on the day they would help to gauge length on your dress.  Please make sure you bring no more than 4 guests and are make up free on the day to preserve the condition of our samples.

Care of your dress

How do I transport my gown if I’m having a destination wedding?

We will bag your gown with a clear bag and then double bag it in a white extra long garment dress bag. If you are travelling with your dress, call the airline you’re travelling with prior and confirm you can take the dress on as hand luggage.  When you board the aircraft, as the cabin crew to hang the dress in the storage closet, this way it doesn’t lie flat with other luggage in the hold. 

What about creasing?

We recommend keeping your dress in the double bags we pack them in when transporting your dress home or to your wedding destination, to keep it in pristine condition for your wedding. 

Sometimes this may mean that you get a few creases in the lower section of the dress.  When you arrive at your destination, hang your dress up out of the bag but with the clear bag still on it in a dust and dirt free spot (from a chandelier or light fixture is ideal) to allow any creases in the to drop out. 

If you still have a few creases, run a hot shower in the bathroom and hang your dress and veil in the bathroom, making sure it doesn’t touch any moist surfaces.  The heat and steam will relax the creases, in your dress (and it works a treat on veils too).  

If you are nervous about dealing with the dress yourself and staying at a hotel with a laundry facility or there’s a local reputable dry cleaner nearby, its always good to have their number.

How do I store my dress after the wedding?

Plain silk and corseted dresses can be hung or stored boxed after cleaning between acid free tissue paper.  Heavily beaded dresses should be boxed as the weight of the beads will destroy the tulle or silk it’s mounted on over time.  Store the bag or box in a temperature controlled environment, somewhere like the spare bedroom cupboard or under the bed as temperatures of attics and basements can cause great harm to your gown.

Tip:  remove extra padding, metal hooks and buttons which can rust and discolor over time and store them in a bag separately with your dress.